Caroline and Nicolas are first and foremost passionate. Passionate about chocolate and Mexico. He is an artisan chocolatier and ice cream maker, she an experienced hand in the world of chocolate. During a trip to Mexico they visited and fell in love with a cocoa plantation and the idea to make their own chocolate was born. Not just any chocolate but working directly from the cocoa bean to create gourmet chocolate.

Production began in their family kitchen, where they experimented with small machines bought in the US, much to the delight of family and friends. Eager to share their passion with more people, they opened an atelier in Tervuren in December 2016 where all their artisanal chocolate and ice creams are produced.

Because transparency and product traceability are of paramount importance, their atelier is “open”. Curious visitors and chocolate connoisseurs can enjoy guided tours of their facilities and nothing gives them more pleasure than introducing guests to the true taste of cocoa during Bean-to-Bar chocolate tasting workshops.


Ice Cream

Their ice creams and sorbets are also made from A to Z in Tervuren. Caroline and Nicolas are uncompromising in terms of the quality of the ingredients they use and favour regional products.

Glaces Mijoya
Chocolats Mijoya

Mi Joya

The name “Mi Joya” was inspired by La Joya, the name of the first cocoa plantation Caroline and Nicolas visited in the Mexican state of Tabasco. Mi Joya also means “my pearl/my jewel” in Spanish. As such, it pays homage to this little bean from which so many good things are derived.

Chocolats Mijoya