Brasil – Itabuna


Dark 72% – Limited bitterness, aromas of tropical fruits (passion, banana) and dried fruits (nuts)

Variety: Para-Forastero, native to Brazil. This an organoleptic variety of Trinitario, native to the Amazon.



Itabuna is a municipality in the south of Bahia state in Brazil.

Brazil is one of the oldest cocoa producing countries in the world. In the 1930s, Brazil was the world’s largest cocoa producer, however, production declined rapidly following a fungus attack in the mid-1990s. Currently, with a cocoa production of 6%, Brazil is ranked 5th globally.

Direct sourced “Cru de propriété”

These beans come from a model farm thanks to the perfectionism of the owner. At Leolinda Farm, fermentation takes place in round tubs. It should also be noted that this superb plantation respects biodiversity as a whole.

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Weight 75 g