Ecuador – Los Ríos

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Milk 55% – strong cocoa aromas, softened by a touch of milk and notes of caramel

Milk 55% nibs – sweetness of milk chocolate combined with the bitterness and crunchiness of chocolate nibs (i.e. roasted and crushed cocoa beans)

Dark 72% – aromas of pure cocoa, delicious balance between bitterness and acidity

Dark 100% – Bitterness followed by subtle biscuit-like flavours, surprisingly pleasant on the palate

Variety : Nacional (native variety)
These beans are characterized by a beautiful balance between bitterness and acidity

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Cocoa production in Ecuador is mainly concentrated in the provinces of Los Ríos, Guayas, Manabí and Sucumbio.

La Felicidad is a family-run estate in the province of Los Ríos, where the Nacional variety is exclusively cultivated in an environment rich in biodiversity.

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Two types of cocoa are principally cultivated in Ecuador: CCN-51 and the famous Nacional. This is Fino de Aroma cocoa, also known as “Arriba” (meaning “that which comes from above”), dating from the colonial period when the dried beans were transported by boat down the Babahoyo River to the main port of Guayakil.

Representing less than 1% of global cocoa production, this variety is under threat of extinction due to the invasion of hyper-productive varieties.

Despite the bean’s dark colour, which is reminiscent of a Forastero, the Nacional possesses the organoleptic sensitivity of Criollo varieties. Due to its colour, the Nacional was initially considered a Forastero.

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Dark 100%, Dark 72%, Milk 55%, Milk 55% nibs